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On 24th June, the General Assembly of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games also took place. The Organising Committees for the Pescara 2009 and Volos 2013 Games presented their report. The 1st Youth Olympic Games in Singapore 2010 also featured on the agenda of the meeting. 

The I.C.M.G.'s President’s Office was then elected. Mr Amar Addadi (Algeria) was re-elected as President and Mr Isidoros Kouvelos (Greece) was elected as Secretary General. 

Finally, the Macedonian Olympic Committee was admitted to the I.C.M.G. 

From 26th to 5th July, the 16th Mediterranean Games took place in Pescara (Italy) 

The 10th European Youth Summer Olympic Festival was held in Tampere (Finland) from 19th to 24th July. 

The Monegasque team consisted of: 

- Ms Solange Ragazzoni-Conterno (Chef de Mission)

- Mr Kevin Crovetto (Gymnast)

- Mr Sébastien Guizol (Coach)



The delegation

- The results : 
  • 66th out of 75 in the overall ranking
  • 61st for the Floor
  • 49th for the Pommel Horse
  • 69th for the Rings
  • 26th for the Vault
  • 44th for the Parallel Bars




  • 72nd for the horizontal bar 

The team’s efforts deserved recognition. Therefore, a reception was hosted at H.E. the Minister of State’s residence on 10th September, in the presence of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince. All those who had taken part in the major sports events (Games of the Small States of Europe, Mediterranean Games, European Youth Summer and Winter Olympic Fesitvals) were invited. 


SPORTEL: The 20th edition took place from 12th to 15th October. 



The Monegasque Olympic Committee contributed towards the publishing of the book commemorating this anniversary. 


The panel of judges 

The eleventh Illustrated Sports Book Award, once again this year, featured many extremely interesting books. 

The 38th European Olympic Committees’ General Assembly took place in Lisbon from 26th to 28th November. During the two days of meetings, a great deal of information was provided on the Olympic Games of 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016, as well as the 1st Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. Various Commissions from the European Olympic Committees presented their report. 

The E.O.C. President’s Office was also elected. Consequently, Mr Patrick Hickey (Ireland) and Mr Raffaele Pagnozzi (Italy) were re-elected as President and Secretary General. Finally, Belgrade was chosen as the venue to host the 2010 General Assembly. 

At the same time, the Small States met at their General Assembly. 

One of the issues raised was the limited number of accreditations for those accompanying the athletes at the 1st Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. In the current circumstances, the restriction does not enable the small countries to fulfil their duties and responsibilities with regard to young athletes by providing sufficient and proper supervision. A letter is to be sent to the International Olympic Committee in this respect on behalf of all the states concerned. 

Finally, a re-examination of the GSSE articles of association and technical regulations appeared on the agenda in order to obtain documents in conformity.


“Friendship Camp” - Singapore


From 6th to 13th December, as a prelude to the 1st Youth Olympic Games “Singapore 2010”, a ‘Youth Camp' geared towards young athletes aged between 16 and 18, was set up in Singapore itself. 

Ms Marie Cattalano and Mr Stephen Bouaziz took part, together with over 260 youngsters from 130 Committees, in various cultural and sports activities. They told us that this had been a unique experience and that they had forged long-lasting friendships. Learning about the Olympic values – Friendship, Respect and Excellence - will undoubtedly be the underlying theme of the 1st Youth Olympic Games. 


Sports grants 


H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince awarded the following grants: 

- Sébastien Gattuso and Brice Etes (Athletics)

- Mathias Raymond (Rowing)

- Diane Ortolani-Dupont and Wenceslas Thomel (Equitation)

- Kevin Crovetto, Ilona Chiabaut and Karine Rico (Gymnastics)

- Romain Marchessou (Weighlifting)

- Yann Siccardi and Cédric Bessi (Judo)

- Pauline Ducruet, Amélie and Angélique Trinquier (Swimming)

- Alexandra Coletti, Olivier Jenot and Arnaud Alessandria (Skiing)

- Kéllian Platto and Anouk Doria (Taekwondo)

- Hervé Banti (Triathlon) and Damien Desprat-Lerale (Sailing)






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