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Report 2017


The General Assembly of the Small States of Europe preceded the Games which took place in San Marino from 29th May to 3rd June.

Montenegro’s bid for 2019 was presented, Sports Boules will be added to the programme. Messrs Angelo Vicini and Jean-Pierre Schoebel were re-elected as GSSE Secretary General and President of the Technical Commission respectively.

  • Games of the Small States of Europe 


For this 17th edition of the Games of the Small States of Europe, Jamal Baaziz (athletics) was the flag-bearer for our delegation at the Opening Ceremony.  The delegation was led by Messrs Raymond Gnutti, Chef de Mission and Sebastien Gattuso, his deputy.

HSH the Sovereign Prince honoured the event with his presence, following our athletes during the competitions and offering them encouragement.
 He presided over the dinner hosted by the Monegasque Olympic Committee which brought together all the delegation members. H.E. Mr Serge Telle, Minister of State and the Ministers of External Relations and Cooperation, Gilles Tonelli and of the Interior, Patrice Cellario, also attended the event.

98 athletes (26 women and 72 men) competed in 10 disciplines.

34 medals were won:

  • 8 gold:
    • 1 in Athletics,
    • 1 in Sport Boules (petanque),
    • 2 in Judo,
    • 1 in Swimming,
    • 1 in Tennis (men’s singles)
    • 2 in Table Tennis (team and men’s singles)
  • 10 silver:
    • 1 in Athletics,
    • 3 in Sport Boules (2 in Lyonnais and 1 petanque)
    • 1 in Cycling
    • 2 in Judo,
    • 2 in Swimming,
    • 1 in Tennis (men’s doubles)
  • 16 bronze:
    • 3 in Athletics,
    • 2 in Beach Volley (men’s)
    • 2 in Sport Boules (petanque),
    • 1 in Cycling
    • 2 in Judo,
    • 1 in Swimming,
    • 1 in Shooting (pistol)
    • 3 in Table Tennis
    • 1 in Tennis (men’s singles)

We finished honourably in 5th place after Luxembourg, Cyprus, Iceland and Montenegro and have maintained our 4th position in the overall ranking since the creation of the Games in 1985.

Two teams from “Monaco Info” as well as a journalist from “Code Sport” were on site; our press officer related the results and activities of the delegation thanks to daily press releases illustrated by photographer Charly Gallo.

  • European Youth Summer Olympic Festival

From 23rd to 29th July, the city of Gyor in Hungary hosted the 14th European Youth Summer Olympic Festival.

Accompanied by his trainer, Céline Grosselle, also Chef de Mission, José-Manuel Gastaud was our sole representative in athletics in the 100m.

With a time of 12’’71, he broke his own personal record.

  • International meetings

In addition to these sports events, the Monegasque Olympic Committee took part in various international meetings:

  • from 1st to 3rd February: the Chefs de Mission Seminar for the “PycongChang 2018” Winter Olympic Games.

The activities and services implemented for the Games, as well as the various sites were presented to the 135 delegates of 75 NOCs.

  • on 24th March, the Games of the Small States of Europe Technical Commission meeting was held for San Marino 2017.

Presided over by Mr Jean-Pierre Schoebel, the meeting provided the opportunity to examine the technical sporting regulations of the Games. The dossier concerning the eligibility of foreign athletes was also examined.

  • Following this, the Chefs de Mission Seminar took place with a tour of the accommodation facilities and the competition venues.

from 25th to 28th April, the Chefs de Mission Seminar for the European Youth Summer Olympic Festival in Gyor. Mr Umberto Langellotti, President of the Monegasque Cycling Federation and European Road Cycling Delegate, attended the seminar.

  • on 19th and 20th May several topical issues were on the agenda of the 38th European Olympic Committee Seminar in Skopje, Macedonia.
    • Preparation of future sports events.
    • Development of digital technology in sports communications and possibility for NOCs to find new ways of extending their role and online visibility.
    • Task force’s report regarding the “Minsk 2019” European Games

The 25th anniversary of the NOC of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia was celebrated and the winner of the 2nd Winter Piotr Nurowski Award was announced (best European athlete – the young Estonian Kelly Sildary, free style skiing champion).

  • On 13th October, the Assembly General of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games in Tarragona saw Portugal become the 26th member of this organisation. The Greek city Patras was selected for the 2nd edition of the Mediterranean Beach Games in 2019.
  • On 2nd November, the 22nd Assembly General of the National Olympic Committee Association in Prague brought to the fore several matters of concern in regard to the Olympic Movement, including:
    • the protection of clean athletes and the fight against fraud.
    • good governance as well as preventing harassment and abuse in sport.

Two newly set up entities were presented:

  • The Independent Testing Authority (ITA) presided over by Mrs Valérie Fourneyron, former French Minister of Sport.This organisation offers anti-doping testing services to International Federations and the organisers of major events to help enforce the World Anti-Doping Code in an autonomous and coordinated fashion. 
  • The Olympic Refugee Foundation.
  • on 24th and 25th November, the 46th General Assembly of European Olympic Committees in Zagreb saw Slovenian Janez Kocijančič being elected as President of the Executive Committee for 2017-2021. He had been acting President since 2016.

The Organising Committees for the Olympic Games and European Games presented their reports.

A historic agreement between EOCs and European Athletics was signed for the launch of “Dynamic New Athletics”, an innovative sports concept which will begin at the 2nd European Games in Minsk in 2019.

(“Dynamic New Athletics” is a competition which will place focus on the key concepts of athletics: running, jumping and throwing. The events have been chosen among the most popular disciplines and will take place using a fast-paced, interactive and easy-to-follow format).

Furthermore, six NOC sports directors were awarded “European Olympic Laurels”.

The 2017 EOC Order of Merit was presented to Zlatko Mateša, President of the Croatian NOC. This distinction acknowledges the “founding father” of the European Games.

The 7th “Piotr Nurowski” award, honouring the best young European summer sports athlete, went to the Italian cyclist Letizia Paternoster.

Finally, it was decided that the next General Assembly would be held on 9th and 10th November 2018 in Marbella, Spain.

  • from 17th to 20th December, a visit to the Organising Committee of the “PycongChang 2018” Winter Olympic Games was organised for the Monegasque Olympic Committee to finalise preparations for the arrival of our team at this event.

All of these trips offer the representatives of the Olympic Committee the opportunity to obtain valuable information on the preparatory work for future events, to plan and organise upcoming events and/or to visit the facilities on site.

They also provide an opportunity to establish contact with other NOCs worldwide, thus strengthening the position of the Monegasque Olympic Committee within the International Olympic Movement.

On this occasion, the Governing Board would like to express its thanks to:

  • Messrs Jean-Pierre Schoebel, Stéphane Mannino, Stéphan Maggi, Sébastien Gattuso, Mathias Raymond and Damien Desprat for their involvement in these meetings and events.


  • 57th International Olympic Academy Session 

From 17th June to 1st July, again in this same international setting, Ilona Chiabaut (Athletics) took part in the 57th Session of the International Olympic Academy, held as customary in Olympia. 


  • World Conference of the International Olympic Committee on prevention of injury and illness in sport  


From 15th to 17th March, the Principality hosted the World Conference of the International Olympic Committee on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport, under the High Patronage of HSH the Sovereign Prince and the IOC President.

The results of in-depth research in respect of prevention of injury, illness and other health issues associated with sports were presented to an audience made up of leaders from the world of sports medicine.  

Presentations, round table sessions, forums and workshops punctuated the event in which Doctors Muriel Tonelli, Jack Michel and Richard Manas took part.


  • Olympic Day


On 21st June Olympic Day took place at the Louis II Stadium.

120 young athletes from 15 sports federations took part in the event, in the presence of HSH the Sovereign Prince.

 On this occasion, the Secretary General underlined the importance of educating athletes with regard to Olympic values and respect for healthy and honest sport.

Monegasque Olympians Fabienne Pasetti (shooting), Brice Etes (athletics), Mathias Raymond (rowing), Patrice Sevelle (bobsleigh) and Damien Desprat (sailing) shared their experiences, pointing out that the values they have acquired always accompany them on a daily basis.

The Monegasque Anti-Doping Committee, also involved in the event, presented its activities and helped to raise public awareness concerning the fight against this global problem.

The participants also had the opportunity to carry the Olympic torches from Rio 2016, Sochi 2014, London 2012 and Turin 2006 and to immortalise the moment.

A symbolic 200 metre race concluded this memorable day, bringing together budding young athletes and Olympians sharing the same fervour.

  • 9th Forum and 5th General Assembly of European Athletes


From 18th to 20th October, the Monegasque Olympic Committee, in conjunction with European Olympic Committees, organised the 9th Forum and 5th General Assembly of European Athletes at the Fairmont Hotel.

The representatives (a hundred or so Olympians from 50 National Olympic Committees in Europe) renewed their members. 8 seats to be filled, 6 for summer sports, 2 for winter disciplines.

Former Estonian discus thrower Gerd Kanter was elected head of the EOC athletes’ commission for the term 2017-2021. He succeeds former Belgian table tennis player Jean-Michel Saive, President over the past eight years.

  • Sportel 


During the 28th Sportel event in October, the Monegasque Olympic Committee Award, traditionally associated with the Illustrated Sports Book Award, was attributed to François Carrel, French journalist and mountaineer, for his book entitled "A corde tendue”.

  • « No Finish Line »

In November the Monegasque Olympic Committee once again competed in the 18th edition of No Finish Line. A team of 29, comprising Olympians, managers and Committee staff, totalised 763 km. A noble gesture of solidarity.

Finally, we conclude with the sports scholarships which were awarded by His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince to:  

Brice Etes (Athletics)

Quentin Antognelli (Rowing)

Victor Langellotti (Cycling)

Tamara Harnett, Salomé Panizzi, Dietlinde Thomel and Wenceslas Thomel (Equitation)

Maxime Prat and Solal Roussel (Fencing)

Kévin Crovetto and Sara Descent (Gymnastics)

Cédric Bessi, Nicolas Grinda and Yann Siccardi (Judo)

Anton Aquilina, Théo Chiabaut, Claudia Verdino and Dorian Viora (Swimming)

Arnaud Alessandria, Alexandra Coletti and Olivier Jenot (Skiing)

Elea Aquilina and Yoann Milanesio (Taekwondo)

Lucas Catarina (Tennis)

Alexander Ehlen and Jérémy Moutout (Sailing)



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