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Heads of Mission Seminar for the 22nd "Sochi" 2014 Winter Olympic Games from 5th to 8th February


The Heads of Mission Seminar for the 22nd "Sochi 2014" Winter Olympic Games was held from 5th to 8th February. Mr Sébastien Gattuso met the representatives of the Organising Committee and gathered all the information necessary (accommodation, transportation, accreditation) to prepare for the arrival of the Monegasque delegation. He was able to see how work was progressing on the sports venues and visit the Olympic Village.


11th European Youth Winter Olympic Festival Brasov from 17th to 22nd February


The 11th European Youth Winter Olympic Festival took place in Brasov, Romania from 17th to 22nd February. The young skier, Bryan Pelassy, took part in the Alpine skiing events.

He was accompanied by his coach, Jean-Luc Mari and the Head of Mission.

After a fall during the Slalom, Bryan finished 55th (out of 98) in the Giant Slalom


Technical Commission Meeting and Heads of Mission Seminar for the 15th Games of the Small States of Europe, 29th March


The Technical Commission for the 15th edition of the Games of the Small States of Europe was held on 29th March in Luxembourg.

Presided over by Mr Jean-Pierre Schoebel, it examined the technical sporting regulations for the Games and the eligibility of foreign athletes.

During the Heads of Mission Seminar, also on 29th March, Messrs Raymond Gnutti, Head of Mission, and Sébastien Gattuso, Deputy Head of Mission, held discussions with the representatives of the Organising Committee. They visited the accommodation facilities and the competition venues.


34th Seminar of the European Olympic Committees, from 16th to 18th May in San Marino


The 34th Seminar of the European Olympic Committees was held in San Marino from 16th to 18th May.

Coupled this year with the IOC Olympic Solidarity Continental Forum, the seminar provided the maximum information with regard to global and continental programmes offered to NOCs.

Updated information on preparations for the "Sochi 2014" and "Rio 2016" Olympic Games was also provided.

One part of the seminar was wholly dedicated to the European Youth Olympic Festival, in preparation for a call for candidates for the 2019 editions.

The three days of information and discussions also covered follow-up on preparation for the "Nanjing 2014" and "Lillehammer 2016" YOG, the "Luxembourg 2013" Games of the Small States of Europe, the review process of the World Anti-Doping Agency's anti-doping code, the activities of the continental athletes' commission and preparations for the annual meeting in Croatia.

A presentation of the first European Games organised in Bakou (Azerbaidjan) was also included.


Executive Committee Meeting and GSSE General Assembly in Luxembourg on 27th May

The 15th Games of the Small States of Europe from 27th May to 1st June


In the run up to the 15th edition of the Games of the Small States of Europe, which took place from 27th May to 1st June, the Executive Committee and the GSSE General Assembly were held on 27th May.

Important decisions were made:

- the sports programme for the 2017 Games to be held in San Marino was approved,

- amendments were made to the Games Technical Regulations concerning golf,

- Mr Jean-Pierre Schoebel was re-elected as President of the Technical Commission for a two-year period.

  The Monegasque Olympic Committee is proud of this re-election as this gives recognition to Mr  Schoebel's qualities and investment. For Monaco, this also guarantees involvement in all technical discussions.

In the late afternoon on 27th May, the Monegasque Olympic Committee hosted its traditional afternoon tea  in the "Cercle Cité" in the presence of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince, H.E. Mr Gilles Tonelli, Ambassador of Monaco to Benelux, Mr Paul Masseron, Minister of the Interior, H.E. Ms Yvette Lambin-Berti, Secretary General and all the members of the delegation.

This convivial interlude was preceded by the Opening Ceremony procession which was headed by the flag-bearer François Xavier Paquot (swimming).

For these Games, the Monegasque delegation consisted of 90 athletes representing 10 disciplines.

On the evening of Friday 31st, the day before the curtain would lower on the Games, all the members of the delegation met for one last enjoyable moment together at a cocktail party organised by H.E.  Mrs Yvette Lambin Berti.

The Principality won 28 medals:

7 gold (4 for gymnastics, 2 for tennis and 1 for athletics)

7 silver (2 for table tennis, 2 for gymnastics,  2 for athletics and 1 for shooting) 

14 bronze (1 for tennis, 3 for table tennis, 1 for volley ball, 3 for judo, 4 for athletics, 1 for gymnastics and 1 for swimming). The judoka Guillaume Ereseo won the Fair Play Award.

Monaco finished in 6th place after Luxembourg, Iceland, Cyprus, Liechtenstein and Montenegro. The 4th place since the creation of the Games has been maintained.


ICMG General Meeting in Mersin


The General Meeting of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games was held in Mersin, Turkey on 19th June in preparation for the 17th edition of the Mediterranean Games.

24 Mediterranean National Olympic Committees attended.

The Italian city of Pescara was chosen to organise the "1st Mediterranean Beach Games" which will take place from 21st to 30th August 2015.

The ICMG Executive Committee was renewed for the 2013-2017 period, Mr Amar Addadi (Algeria) maintaining his position as President.


17th Mediterranean Games from 20th to 30th June 2013 - Mersin


The 17th Mediterranean Games were held from 20th to 30th June in Mersin Turkey.

11 Monegasque athletes competed in the event:

On the day following the Welcome Ceremony which was held in the presence of H.E. Ms Yvette Lambin-Berti on 19th June in the Olympic Village, the Opening Ceremony took place with Anouk Doria as the flag bearer.

Two Mediterranean Villages welcomed our athletes:

-              one in Adana, close to the rowing events

-              the other in Mersin, close to the other competitions.

In taekwondo, Anouk Doria (category -49 kg) was defeated in the 1st round (6-7) by an Andorran.

Killian Platto (in the -68 kg) was also defeated in the 1st round (7-10) by an opponent from San Marino.

In Artistic Gymnastics, Kevin Crovetto finished 22nd in the overall contest (out of 56 participants). 

Consequently he qualified for the final (for the top 24). Severe pain in his shoulder prevented him from taking part. His coach, in agreement with his physiotherapist, preferred him to step down.

In judo (category -66 kg) the result of the draw proved to be tough for Cédric Bessi who was defeated in the 1st found by France's n° 3, despite displaying a great deal of valour and combativeness.

In rowing (sweep boat) Mathias Raymond and Quentin Antognelli finished in 5th place in the A finals.

In fencing, after an initial round of pools consisting of four attacks (marked by three defeats and one victory), Roland Mouflard took part in the 8th finals. He showed much resilience in the face of his Lebanese opponent but had to admit defeat (12-15).

In cycling, Nicolas d'Angelo finished 18th in the time trial (out of 24 participants) and 24th (out of 50) in the road race.

In tennis, Lucas Catarina competed in the first round with a Libyan and lost in two sets (3-6, 1-6).

In sailing (Laser category) Damien Desprat-Lerale ranked 17th out of 24 participants.

Finally, in athletics, Brice Etes finished 7th in his series of 800m (with a time of 1.50.55) and finally ranked 13th.

The Closing Ceremony took place on 30th June.


Olympic Day, 3rd July


Olympic Day was held on 3rd July.

This year the Monegasque Olympic Committee joined forces with the Monegasque Swimming Federation. A competition combining proficiency in swimming and knowledge of Olympic values was organised. Close to 220 participants aged between 5 and 20 received a medal from the Monegasque Olympic Committee in addition to a commemorative certificate from the International Olympic Committee.


12th European Youth Summer Olympic Festival from 14th to 19th July in Utrecht


The 12th European Youth Summer Olympic Festival was held in Utrecht in the Netherlands from 14th to 19th July.

Only Nicolas Grinda took part in the judo event. He was accompanied by the Head of Mission and his coach Mr Marcel Pietri.

In the -81 kg category, Nicolas was defeated in the 1st round by his Greek opponent.




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