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The M.O.C. up until 1996

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The Monegasque Olympic Committee 


The Monegasque Olympic Committee, under the patronage of H.S.H. Prince Rainier III, was formalised in 1953 by Sovereign Order n° 688 of 31st December 1952.The purpose of the Committee is to prepare and ensure the Principality’s representation at the Olympic Games organised by the International Olympic Committee. 

As it has to comply with the directives set forth by the I.O.C., both as far as defending the Olympic spirit and the use of Olympic terms and emblems are concerned, the M.O.C. is required to remain in constant contact with the I.O.C., and its president is the only authority entitled to represent the interests of the Monegasque Federations and Sports Groups.The M.O.C., the executive body, is assisted by an advisory committee made up of advisers who represent the various sports included on the Olympic Games programme.These advisers are appointed for four years by Ministerial Decree.The president and the members of the M.O.C. are appointed for a four-year period by Sovereign Order.


 On the following 9th February, the Secretary General, Pierre Marsan, sent a letter to the Chancellor Otto Mayer at the I.O.C. headquarters in Lausanne, informing him of the new provisions.


A week later, the M.O.C. met at the shooting range for an “inaugural” session presided over by the Mayor of Monaco, Charles Palmaro, Vice-President of the M.O.C., who substituted for the occasion, H.S.H. Prince Pierre.The President of the M.O.C. paid tribute to the National Sports Committee, which had just been stood down, and then redefined the goals which the Committee should pursue according to the wishes of the Sovereign Prince : 

  1. Stimulate sport, by encouraging sports groups ;
  2. Motivate sport, by seeking out and detecting young champions and providing them with every help. 

From 1st July to 30th September 1953, the M.O.C. organised sport competitions three times a week to spur on young swimmers as they prepared for the Olympics.



H.S.H. Prince Pierre of Monaco, standing next to young athletes having achieved the regulatory imposed swimming times while training for the Olympics:Jean-Louis Campora (on the right), G.Vuidet (on the left) and MissJ.Gaggino.


Monaco Yacht Club, Monday 28th December 1953

 In the spring of 1954, whilst H.S.H. Prince Pierre was attending the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the revival of the Olympic Games in Lausanne, the Principality was also commemorating the event.The Monegasque Olympic Committee, assisted by the members of the Advisory Committee, met in the Louis II Stadium to pay tribute to the Olympic flag to the sound of the Monegasque national anthem. 

The beginning of 1955 was marked by a key phase in the history of Olympism.At the instigation of H.S.H. Prince Pierre of Monaco, the M.O.C. set up a competition to create a new version of the Olympic anthem. 

In 1963, H.S.H. Prince Pierre of Monaco spared no efforts.He travelled to Lausanne to the I.O.C. headquarters to take part in certain working sessions and then left for Baden-Baden to attend the 61st session of the I.O.C.Extremely weakened by illness, he passed away on 10th November 1964. Homage was paid to him in the 89th I.O.C. Bulletin in February 1965 by the Vice-President Armand Massard. 



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