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The M.O.C. up until 1996 - 1975-1982

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1975 - 1982

In the early summer of 1975, the M.O.C. met to examine the amendments that needed be made to its articles of association so as to satisfy the recommendations of the I.O.C.


On 25th June, the elected representatives of the Principality’s sports federations:Paul-Louis Auréglia and Antoine Romagnan (Fencing), Henry Rey and Edmond Aubert (Weight lifting), Dr Charles Bernasconi (Judo), Michel Ravarino and Francis Boisson (Shooting), Jean-Louis Marsan (Sailing), drew up draft articles of association stipulating that the purpose of the M.O.C. would not only be 

“to ensure the development of the Olympic movement and amateur sport”, but also “to stimulate in the young both the physical effort and mental qualities that form the basis of amateur sport, as well as contributing towards respecting and maintaining peace between nations by inviting athletes from across the globe to an impartial and friendly competition every four years..”  

In order to assert its independence vis-à-vis the sports federations and the State, the M.O.C. provided that it would now consist of a General Assembly formed of active members of Monegasque nationality, no longer appointed by Sovereign Order, but elected every four years by the General Assembly of each Monegasque sports federation. 

On the following 19th September, the elected active members proceeded with the elections for the members of the new M.O.C. office:

  • President:Mr Henry Rey,
  • Vice-President:Jean-Louis Marsan,
  • Treasurer:Francis Boisson,
  • Secretary:Antoine Romagnan. 

On 30th October 1975, Sovereign Order n° 5 692 granted civil status to the M.O.C. which took the form of an association governed by Law n° 492 of 3rd January 1949. The Ministerial Decree of 30th October 1975 ratified the authorisation of the said association and approved its articles of association 

The M.O.C. was thus able to pursue its action in the best conditions and to strengthen its ties, on an international level, with the top European Olympic authorities by ensuring the participation of one of its representatives in the General Assemblies of the National Olympic Committees of Europe. 

In early 1976, the Monegasque Sailing Federation appointed Mr Michel Boéri as the second delegate to the M.O.C., which now consisted of ten active members representing the five Monegasque federations: Fencing, Weight Lifting, Shooting, Judo and Sailing. 

In 1977, the Monegasque Swimming Federation was established.Its President, Ms Yvette Lambin de Combremont, joined the M.O.C. together with Mr Denis Ravera, delegate of the Federation.They were both therefore able to take part in the implementation of a new "Olympic Day" which was fixed, on the request of the I.O.C., for Thursday 23rd June 1977 

The day featured various sporting events and concluded with a reception in the function rooms of the Monaco Yacht Club, during which gold and silver medals were awarded to the leaders and volunteers of Monegasque Olympic sports companies as well as to the most deserving athletes. 

Olympic Day was celebrated once again in 1978, again on 23rd June, the day chosen by the I.O.C. to commemorate the anniversary of the revival of the Olympic Games.This date was a symbol for Monaco and for Saint John's Day a fire of joy was burnt around which many young people came to dance. 


23 rd June 1978 – In the centre, President Henry Rey, together with members of the M.O.C. and leaders of Monegasque sports associations 

A new Olympic Day was held the following year, during which youngsters from the Principality had the opportunity of watching a film relating the most exciting moments from the Montreal O.G. 


In 1979, the M.O.C., one of whose twelve members had just been honoured by the I.O.C., continued its action by allowing 5 athletes to take part in the 8th Mediterranean Games organised in Yugoslavia.



29th January 1979, Michel Ravarino receives the bronze Olympic Order from Lord Killanin, President of the I.O.C.

A few weeks later, the Principality of Monaco welcomed the Secretaries-General from thirty-one National Olympic Committees of Europe. 



In 1980, the structure of the M.O.C. was reshuffled.Following the recent establishment of the Monegasque Boxing Federation, Edmond Aubert was made its president and was replaced within the M.O.C. by Daniel Réalini to represent the Weight lifting Federation. 

The Government approved the amendment of article 4, para. 3, of the M.O.C. articles of association, stipulating that any member of Monegasque nationality sitting on the I.O.C. would become an ex officio active member of the M.O.C., thereby bringing the said articles of association into compliance with the provisions of the Olympic Charter. 

Having not been able to take part in the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow, the M.O.C. focused its efforts on promoting local sports activities. 

The traditional Olympic Day was moved to the 1st December 1981 due to bad weather on 28th June.Close to 90 young athletes from the Principality, gathered together at the Congress Centre-Auditorium, were presented with an Olympic medal by the President Henry Rey and the Secretary General Antoine Romagnan. 

On Saturday 12th June 1982, over 200 young athletes distinguished themselves in various events:gymnastics, rythmic dance, sailing, rowing, swimming and water polo events.  


Rainier III Watersports Stadium 

In the course of 1982, two newly established sports federations joined the M.O.C. and delegated two of their members to take a seat in the General Assembly:

  • The Monegasque Ski Federation, represented by its President Edmond Pizzi and Daniel Sartore,
  • The Monegasque Tennis Federation, represented by its President Louis Caravel, and André Vatrican.  

 partenaires olympiques


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