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The M.O.C. up until 1996 - 1993-1996

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 1993 - 1996



From 17th to 24th September 1993, the 101st Session of the I.O.C. brought together to the Principality the highest authorities in international sport.Monaco had been chosen 4 years earlier at the Session in San Juan in Puerto Rico.

 The M.O.C. called on 437 individuals (including 330 volunteers) divided into 19 commissions to welcome some 3 000 people, including:

  • 800 members of the Olympic Family (I.O.C., Organising Committees of future O.G. and I.O.C. Sessions),
  • 1.100 representatives from the 5 candidate cities for the organisation of the summer Olympics in 2000, namely:Berlin, Istanbul, Manchester, Beijing and Sydney,
  • 1.070 members of the written press, radio and television (with 37 broadcasting vans providing 45 live broadcasts and 165 by satellite) 

The exceptional infrastructure of the Principality, with its luxury hotels and prestigious restaurants, made it possible to give the “Olympic family” the best welcome (excursions, a visit to the Monaco Yacht Show, a prestigious philatelic exhibition at the Casino Atrium, a musical afternoon at the Oceanographic Museum, a ballet performance in Salle Garnier…) 

On 20th September, H.S.H. Prince Rainier presided over the opening ceremony at the Congress Centre Auditorium enhanced by an operatic recital by Barbara Hendricks accompanied by the Monte Carlo Opera chorus. 

Press conference at the Oceanographic Museum  

(from left to right) - Mr Henry Rey, H.S.H. the Hereditary Prince Albert, Mr François Carrard, Director General of the I.O.C., Ms Yvette Lambin-Berti 

The working sessions took place in the “Salle des Etoiles” of the Monte Carlo Sporting Club.It was in the “Multi Sports Hall” in Louis II Stadium that the results concerning the choice of the Australian city as host of the next Summer Olympic Games were announced by President Juan Antonio Samaranch at 8.20 p.m on 23rd September. The President of the I.O.C. had just been elected a few hours earlier for a 4-year period. 

An exhibition by the French Patrol marked the closure of this extraordinary session.The flawless organisation of this event resulted in the M.O.C. being awarded the 1993 Olympic Cup by the I.O.C., a trophy founded in 1906 by Baron Pierre de Courbertin in recognition of important services to sport. 




On 14th April 1994, the M.O.C. met on the premises of the Louis II Stadium to elect its executive board for the following 4 years. On this occasion, Mr Henry Rey, the outgoing president, offered his seat to H.S.H. the Hereditary Prince Albert, who was immediately elected by unanimous vote.




The new President put forward the following nominations, approved by all the members :

  • Mr Henry Rey,Vice-President,
  • Mrs Yvette Lambin Berti:Secretary General,
  • Dr Louis Orecchia:Secretary General,
  • Mr Francis Boisson:Treasurer. 

This new board would celebrate Olympic Day on 1st June with great diligence.Three hundred pupils from the 7 primary schools in the Principality gathered together on the Louis II Stadium race track to compete in the 6 disciplines of the School Athletics Games together with the athletes who took part in the GSSE 93 in Malta and the Mediterranean Games 93 in Cap d’Agde. They were awarded diplomas and commemorative medals during an enjoyable reception. 


  1st June 1994 – VI School Athletics Games, Ms Yvette Lambin-Berti with young medallists.


Ten days later, when opening the new headquarters in Rue des Iris in Monte Carlo, H.S.H. Prince Rainier III officially welcomed the International Association of Athletics Federations (I.A.A.F.) that groups together 240 member countries.  


10th June 1994 – TSH the Sovereign Prince and the Hereditary Prince Albert, pictured with (from left to right) Carl Lewis, multi Olympic gold medallist, Primo Nebiolo, President of the I.A.A.F. and H.E. Mr Samaranch 

In the spring of 1995, the M.O.C. took part in the organisation of a congress bringing together some 300 members of the I.O.C.'s Executive Commission as well as the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations. On 17th May, the M.O.C. celebrated its traditional Olympic Day and School Games in which close to 300 children took part. 

1996- Seventy-six years had passed since Monegasque athletes first took part in the Olympic Games.The Olympic family now included 42 athletes from various generations who had practised or practised 11 of the 35 "Olympic" sports disciplines:athletics, bobsleigh, cycling, fencing, weight lifting, judo, swimming, Alpine skiing, shooting, archery and sailing. 

In order to foster friendships, to encourage the national interest for the Olympic Games and to help youngsters reach an Olympic standard, and following the wishes of its President, the M.O.C. decided to set up the Monegasque Association of Olympic Athletes in June 1996 

  • President:Francis Boisson,
  • Vice-President:Pascal Camia,
  • Secretary General:Fabienne Pasetti. 

The following 2nd July, in the VIP Lounge of the Louis II Stadium, in the presence of T.S.H. the Sovereign Prince and the Hereditary Prince Albert, all the athletes that took part in the Albertville, Barcelona and Lillehammer Olympic Games, were awarded the I.O.C. pin. 

pierre marsan



2nd July 1996 - Pierre Marsan receives the I.O.C. Trophy from H.S.H. the Hereditary Prince Albert in tribute to his sporting and administrative career within the Monegasque community.


 partenaires olympiques


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