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Monegasque Swimming Federation


Established in 1977, the purpose of this federation is :

  • The research and implementation methods necessary for the general organisation and development of water sports education including swimming, synchronised swimming, diving, water polo, open water swimming, lifeguarding, summer swimming as well as practices related to recreational activities, swimming for beginners, water gym, water fitness and leisure activities in the whole of the Principality.
  • Its goal is to enable everyone to have access to swimming activities, from the beginner to the highest level.

The Federation’s implementation tools include the creation and setting up of educational methods, measures, structures, competitions and selection processes, technical and sports organisations and all the means specific to the promotion, development and expansion of all swimming activities.


Stade Louis II
7, Avenue des Castelans
Tél. : (+377)
Fax. : (+377)





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