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Report 2016


  • 2nd Winter Youth Olympic Games “Lillehammer 2016” :


The beginning of the year was marked by the 2nd Winter Youth Olympic Games from 12th to 21st February in Lillehammer, Norway which were attended by HSH the Sovereign Prince, where moreover, Your Highness, we revisited the Maison de Monaco which dates back to your participation in the 1994 Olympic Games. 

One athlete took part in the Alpine skiing competition – Paul Croesi who was accompanied by his coach, Mr Florian Roux, osteopath Mr Kevin Nadin as well as the Chef de Mission, Sebastien Gattuso and Mr Stephan Maggi, our press officer.

The traditional Monegasque Olympic Committee dinner united all the members of the delegation together with the Secretary General.

In the 4 events in which he competed, Paul Croesi achieved his best performance in the slalom where he finished 25th/62.

  • 31st Summer Olympic Games “Rio 2016”:

From 5th to 21st August, the 31st Olympic Games were held in Rio.

3 Monegasque athletes took part: Brice Etes in the 800m, Kevin Crovetto in Artistic Gymnastics and Yann Siccardi in Judo.

For the very first time, Mr Stéphane Mannino fulfilled the role of Chef de Mission with great efficiency and dedication.

Mr Stéphan Maggi recounted the event in the local press by means of documented press releases in coordination with the Monaco Info team on site.

The Welcome Ceremony took place on 4th August in the Olympic Village whilst the Opening Ceremony was held the following day and was attended by HSH the Sovereign Prince.

A few days later, the Monegasque Olympic Committee dinner enabled all the delegation members to enjoy some friendly interaction with HSH the Sovereign Prince who also visited the Olympic Village during his stay.

In regard to the results:

  • Brice Etes finished 48th in the 800 m (1’50’’40)
  • Kévin Crovetto ranked 49th in the all-around event (76.056 points
  • Yann Siccardi was unfortunately disqualified in his first fight due to a leg contact fault against the future Japanese bronze medallist.

The Olympic Committee would like to thank its partners: Brooks Brothers, Oakley and Nike for their outstanding cooperation.

  • International Activities of the Monegasque Olympic Committee:


Alongside these two major sports events, the Monegasque Olympic Committee took part in:

  • The General Assembly and the Technical Commission meeting of the Games of the Small States of Europe on 7th May in San Marino, during which the following an overview was given of the following:
  • the competition locations
  • the programme
  • the initial version of the technical manual
  • the website
  • the official mascot and logo

We were very pleased to note the nomination of Mr Damien Desprat as a member of the GSSE Technical Commission for Monaco, Mr Jean-Pierre Schoebel being President.

  • In Madrid on 18th May, the Committee took part in the preliminary registration meeting for the "Rio 2016” Olympic Games.
  • In Tarragona on 20th and 21st May: the 37th EOC Seminar whose work was chiefly focused on preparations for the Rio Olympics.
  • In Belarus on 21st and 22nd October, the 45th EOC General Assembly designated the city of Minsk for the organisation of the 2019 European Games. A new visual identity for the EOCs was also adopted.
  • in Doha on 15th and 16th November, the 21st ANOC General Assembly.
    The OIC President explained how the Olympic Movement was considering reforming the anti-doping system with far-reaching measures. The goal being to make it, I quote: “independent from sports organisations and national interests.”

The General Assembly emphasised how the Rio Games had gone well.

Postponement of the 1st World Beach Games (initially scheduled in San Diego in 2017) was confirmed for 2019.

These various trips enable the representatives of the Monegasque Olympic Committee to obtain valuable information in regard to the preparatory work for future events, to plan and organise upcoming events and lastly to visit sports amenities on site, whilst developing contacts with other NCOs in the world.

On this occasion, the Governing Board of the Monegasque Olympic Committee would like to give special thanks to:

  • Messrs Jean-Pierre Schoebel, Stéphane Mannino, Damien Desprat, Stéphan Maggi and Sébastien Gattuso for their involvement in these meetings and events.


  • International Olympic Academy:

At the beginning of June, an athlete from the Monaco Sailing Federation (Thomas Champion) took part in the 56th Session of the International Olympic Academy in Olympia. Monaco regularly takes part in this seminar placed under the aegis of the IOC and which is highly appreciated by the athletes.

  • Activities of the Olympic Committee in Monaco:

Locally speaking, on 26th and 27th February, the Monegasque Olympic Committee, in conjunction with UNESCO, hosted the Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport (CIGEPS) Conference at the Novotel in Monaco. 17 member states attended, totalling 64 individuals.


On 21st March, on the occasion of the 3rd International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, Messrs Damien Desprat, Paul Croesi and Kévin Crovetto visited the Ecole des Révoires to raise student awareness of moral values in sport.


On 18th April, the Monegasque Olympic Committee hosted a lunch at the Meridian Hotel in honour of all the volunteers who contributed to the success of the CIGEPS Conference. A time to share which gave everyone the opportunity to conjure up fond memories. 

Olympic Day took place in two phases:

First of all on 1st June, the Committee helped with the organisation of the School Athletic Games. Some 300 children received an Olympic Day certificate presented by the IOC. The winners were awarded gold medals provided by the Monaco Olympic Committee.

On 29th June, again under the aegis of Olympic Day, a reception took place at the Fairmont Hotel. This event provided an opportunity to honour Athletes, Officials, Olympians and Committee Members with the presentation of certificates and/or medals, in recognition of their involvement in the following events:

  • the last 3 editions of No Finish Line
  • the “Trentino 2013” Winter Universiade
  • the European Youth Olympic Winter “Vorarlberg-Liechtenstein 2015” and Summer “Thilissi 2015” Festivals
  • the 1st European Games “Baku 2015”
  • the Summer “Nanjing 2014” and Winter “Lillehammer 2016” Youth Olympic Games
  • the “Sochi 2014” Winter Olympic Games

HSH the Sovereign Prince also presented IOC pins commemorating participation in the “Sochi 2014” Winter Olympic Games and Monegasque Olympic Committee medals to:

Gold medals:

  • Mr Henry Rey
  • Mr Francis Boisson

Silver medals:

  • H.E. Mrs Yvette Lambin-Berti
  • Mr Daniel Realini
  • H.E. Mr Bernard Fautrier
  • Mr Edouard Doria
  • Mr Christian Zabaldano
  • Colonel Luc Fringant
  • Mr Michel Perrin

Bronze medals:

  • Baroness Elisabeth Ann de Massy
  • Mr Robert Prat
  • Mr Rainier Boisson
  • Mr Gilles Tonelli

On this occasion, the website of the Monaco Anti-doping Committee was officially launched.


On 22nd July at the Yacht Club, the athletes selected for the “Rio 2016” Summer Olympics were officially presented, in the presence of TSH the Sovereign Prince and Princess Charlene, as well as various authorities and key figures.


From 24th to 27th October, during the 27th Sportel event, the Monegasque Olympic Committee Award, traditionally associated with the Illustrated Sports Book Award, was bestowed on the book entitled “1 millième, les photographies du sport” by Bob Martin.


From 12th to 20th November, the Monegasque Olympic Committee was eager to take part in the 17th edition of “No Finish Line”. 23 Olympians and MOC staff totalised 746 km.  


From 28th November to 3rd December, the Monegasque Olympic Committee provided great support for the organisation of the first ever “Denis Ravera” Sports Boules World Youth Championship in the Saint Antoine sports hall.

Players from the Club Bouliste du Rocher all ranked among the first eight in their event and Gianni Bresciano, aged 17, won the bronze medal in the combined event.



Finally, we conclude with the sports scholarships awarded by His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince to:  

Brice Etes (Athletics)

Quentin Antognelli (Rowing)

Victor Langellotti (Cycling)

Wenceslas Thomel (Equitation)

Kevin Crovetto (Gymnastics)

Cédric Bessi and Yann Siccardi (Judo)

Alexandra Coletti, Arnaud Alessandria, Olivier Jenot, Paul Croesi and Bryan Pelassy (Skiing)

Anouk Doria (Taekwondo)

Lucas Catarina (Tennis)

Jérémy Moutout and Alexander Ehlen (Sailing).



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