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Report 2014

Before presenting the highlights of the past year, I would like to say that 2014 was exceptional, in more ways than one.

The year was marked first and foremost by 20 years of the Presidency of H.S.H.Prince Albert II. A year ago, at our last General Assembly, we celebrated this anniversary around you, Your Highness.

We are proud and honoured to have benefitted throughout all these years from the future vision and objectives in which you engaged us, Your Highness, on a daily basis with an unfailing presidency.

And for all of this, I would like to extend to you, Your Highness, on behalf of the General Assembly our sincerest thanks.

The beginning of the year was marked by a key event: The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. 

A presentation of the selected athletes took place on 29th January at the Metropole, in the presence of T.S.H. the Sovereign Prince and Princess Charlene, as well as various authorities and eminent figures, during which Olivier Jenot was designated as the flag bearer.

Six Monegasque athletes competed in the 22nd Winter Olympic Games: Alexandra Coletti, Olivier Jenot and Arnaud Alessandria in Alpine skiing in addition to Patrice Servelle, Sébastien Gattuso and Rudy Rinaldi (reserve) in the two-man bobsleigh.

Mr Raymond Gnutti fulfilled the role of Head of Mission with great efficiency and dedication.

A report of the event was provided by Mr Stephan Maggi, Press Attaché, every day in the local press and on the Monegasque Olympic Committee's website, with documented news releases.

A cameraman from the Monaco Press Centre was also present.

The quality of the work and the coordination of these two individuals, in sometimes difficult conditions, are worth mention.

The Welcoming Ceremony on 6th February in the mountain Olympic Village, in the presence of H.E. Mrs Yvette Lambin-Berti (including the Monegasque anthem and the raising of the flag) preceded the Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium on 7th February which was attended by T.S.H. the Sovereign Prince and Princess Charlene who also took part in the traditional dinner hosted by the Monegasque Olympic Committee - a convivial moment for the whole delegation.

H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince visited the Olympic Village, chatting to our athletes and their managers, gathering their feedback. 

The results were as follows:

  • In Alpine skiing, Alexandra Coletti suffered badly from an extremely serious accident which required her emergency repatriation to Monaco, followed by surgery to her foot.

And it is with pleasure and admiration that we are able to announce, not even one year later, that Alexandra gave an outstanding performance in the world championships ranking 21st, tying with the top French female skier. She is a fine example of courage, will and talent.

  • In the downhill event, Arnaud Alessandria, the youngest athlete of the delegation, ranked 39th (out of 50). But in the Super Combined, after being in 36th position in the first round, he fell down during the Slalom. And unfortunately he was also unable to finish the Super G event.
  • Olivier Jenot finished at a very admirable 28th position in the Super Combined (45th in the Downhill and 25th in the Slalom); the goal he had fixed before the Games (to be among the top 30) was realised. During the Super G, he finished 35th. He had less luck in the Giant Slalom where he missed a gate at the beginning of the race. In the Slalom, after a positive initial round (59th position) a mistake meant that he was unable to finish the race.
  • In the 2-man bobsleigh, Patrice Servelle and Sébastien Gattuso ranked 21st, a commendable conclusion to the achievements of our athletes in these Games.

As for Rudy Rinaldi (reserve), he carried the flag at the Closing Ceremony.

Again as far as sports are concerned, Nanhing (China) hosted the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games in August.

H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince attended the Opening Ceremony where the judoka Nicolas Grinda, was the flag bearer.

During his stay, H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince visited the Olympic Village and attended a luncheon with all the members of the delegation and H.E. Mrs Yvette Lambin-Berti, in which H.E. Mrs Catherine Fautrier, Ambassador of Monaco to China and H.E. Mr Bernard Fautrier also took part.

Nicolas Grinda was the only representative of the Principality in this competition. In the under 81kg category, he put in a creditable performance during his first fight resisting until the end, where he lost by ippon. He was given a second chance to show his ability, leading the action and taking control of his opponent by ippon in under a minute.

Finally, Nicolas lost his third fight with honours. For his first international participation in the Youth Olympic Games, the outcome was positive.

During these YOG, Mr Sébastien Gattuso fulfilled the role of Head of Mission and Mr Stéphan Maggi that of Press Attaché.

In parallel to these two major sports events, the Monegasque Olympic Committee took part in various meetings:

  • - Three Heads of Mission seminars:
    • o for the Nanjing YOG in March
    • o for the 1st European Games in Baku in June
    • o for the Winter European Youth Olympic Festival in October
  • - The Technical Commission meeting and the General Assembly of the Games of the Small States of Europe in Iceland in May.
  • - The 35th seminar of the European Olympic Committees in Nicosia again in May
  • - An "Open Day" for the 1st European Games in Baku in September
  • - The General Assembly of ANOC and the Francophone NOC Association in Bangkok in November
  • - The General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees in Baku in November.

These various trips enabled the representatives of the Monegasque Olympic Committee, whether this be the Secretary General, the delegates, the Head of Mission or the President of the GSSE Technical Commission, to obtain valuable information concerning the preparatory work for future events and competitions, to plan and organise the upcoming events and to visit the sports facilities on site.

The presence and visibility of the Monegasque Olympic Committee within these assemblies and entities, throughout the year, are necessary and enable it to develop its contacts with other NOGs worldwide.

Once again in this international context, a monitor from the Monegasque Sailing Federation took part in the 54th Session of the International Olympic Academy which is traditionally held in Olympia in June.

From a local point of view, the International Olympic Committee World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport was held in April in Monaco under the patronage of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince and the IOC Chairman.

A high level meeting brought together 120 leaders from the medical sports world with presentations on:

  • - brain concussions
  • - running injuries
  • - the way in which digital and mobile platforms influence the care given to athletes
  • - technology and sports equipment
  • - and the prevention of thigh injury.

Doctors Muriel Tonelli, Jack Michel and Richard Manas took part.

On 10th June, the Monegasque Olympic Committee took part at the gala dinner at the Monaco Rotary Club during which incentive grants were awarded to young hopefuls of the sporting world from the Principality. On this occasion, the Olympic Committee made a donation and provided items for the auction sale.

H.E. Mrs Yvette Lambin-Berti sat on the recipient selection board.

For Olympic Day on 25th June, the Monegasque Olympic Committee joined forces with the Monegasque Swimming Federation. 

Close to 360 participants aged between 5 and 20 received a medal from the Monegasque Olympic Committee in addition to a commemorative certificate from the International Olympic Committee and a leaflet highlighting Olympic values.

Traditionally associated with the Illustrated Sports Book Award at the 25th Sportel event in October, the Monegasque Olympic Committee award this year went to Onne Van der Wal for his book "Sailing".

For the 15th edition of "No Finish Line", promoting values of solidarity, the Monegasque Olympic Committee was eager to take part with 24 young and not so young Olympians who covered 329 km in total. 

Finally, 2014 ended on an exceptionally high note with the organisation of the 127th Session of the International Olympic Committee which took place from 4th to 9th December.

For the third time in its history, the Principality of Monaco hosted an IOC Session. The Session marks a milestone as it was marked by the unanimous approval of the 2020 Agenda, a true strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement.

"The 2020 Agenda is like a jigsaw puzzle" said President Bach: "Now that you have approved all 40 recommendations, you can see the whole picture. It is a picture of progress. It is a picture that ensures the uniqueness of the Olympic Games. It is a picture that promotes the Olympic values.  And it is a picture that strengthens sport in society. »

Presided over by H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince, the task force on "sustainability and heritage" was congratulated by President Bach for "its magnificent results and excellent work". Messrs Serguei Bubka (Ukrainian Olympic pole vaulting champion) and Tony Estanguet (three times French Olympic canoeing champion) were members. 

Over and above the importance and aura of this 127th Session, this major event mobilised 200 volunteers, 21 commissions were created and all these individuals assumed their responsibilities with flying colours, successfully fulfilling their commitments.

On this occasion, President Bach presented to you, Your Highness, as an expression of thanks for the perfect organisation of this 127th Session, a medal designed for Head of States, a replica of the one created by the founder of the IOC, Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

This distinction which honours you is testimony to your success in this organisation which you hold so close to your heart. You spontaneously decided to dedicate this mark of recognition to all the volunteers whose gratitude to you is unwavering and who had the opportunity of showing this to you at the spectacular evening you hosted in their honour.

Looking back we can see that this event benefitted from wide media coverage: …

Athletic Scholarships 

Finally, we will finish with the athletic scholarships awarded by His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince to:

Brice Etes (Athletics)              

Quentin Antognelli (Rowing)              

Victor Langellotti (Cycling)              

Maud Raimbert, Mona Ferry, Dietline Thomel and Wenceslas Thomel (Equitation)              

Kevin Crovetto (Gymnastics)

Dylan Sosso (Gymnastics - Trampoline)              

Cédric Bessi, Nicolas Grinda and Yann Siccardi (Judo),              

Théo Chiabaut (Swimming)              

Ian Sören Cabioch, Lola Cotton and Louis Lamberti (Diving)              

Alexandra Coletti, Arnaud Alessandria and Olivier Jenot (Skiing)              

Anouk Doria (Taekwondo)              

Lucas Catarina (Tennis)



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