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4th AFCNO General Assembly in Nice on 14th and 15th September


During the 7th edition of the Francophonie Games the 4th General Assembly of the Francophone Association of National Olympic Committees was held on 14th and 15th September in Nice.

The meeting provided the opportunity to discuss key issues:

-              The creation of the Francophone voluntary sports programme

-              The signing of a framework agreement focused primarily on three topics:

• The promotion of the French language within the sports movement

• Francophone voluntary activities in sport

• The Francophonie Games

-              The possibility of developing cooperation between members and services to members, promoting Francophone culture and the use of French in the sports movement, as well as developing international recognition of AFCNO and its actions were also discussed.


UNESCO anti-doping meeting: 4th Session of the Conference of the States party to the International Convention against doping in Sport, from 19th to 20th September


The 4th Session of the Conference of the States party to the International Convention against doping in Sport was held in UNESCO's headquarters in Paris from 19th to 20th September.

Several points were discussed by the members of the International Olympic Committee and representatives of the World Anti-Doping Agency:

- The promotion of the International Convention against doping in sport

- The World Anti-Doping Agency's report on the implementation of the World Anti-doping Code

- The amendment of the Prohibited List and the International Standard 

- Allocation of Fund resources for the elimination of doping in sport 2014-2015

- The monitoring of the International Convention against doping in sport: harmonisation between UNESCO, WADA and the Council of Europe.


ICMG/IOA Seminar from 2nd to 5th October in Olympia


The seminar organised jointly by the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games and the International Olympic Academy took place in Olympia from 2nd to 5th October.

Kevin Crovetto (gymnastics) took part in this event in the Olympic cradle, thus soaking up the history of Olympic values.

He shared his experience of the Mediterranean Games, expressing his opinion on the future of this competition with the other athletes present.


4th General Assembly of European Athletes - 4th and 5th October in Porec Croatia


The 4th General Assembly of European Athletes was held on 4th and 5th October in Porec, Croatia. Sébastien Gattuso attended this event. The European Olympic Committees' Athletes' Commission was elected on this occasion for the period 2013-2017. Composed of eight members (six for the summer sports and two for the winter sports) its President is the Belgian table-tennis player Jean Michel Saive. In addition to the above election, the hundred or so participants representing 34 NOCs also discussed topics such as planning a sports career, post-sport success, anti-doping measures and the upcoming European Games that will take place in Bakou (Azerbaijan) in June 2015.


24th edition of Sportel from 14th to 17th October in Monaco


The 24th edition of Sportel took place in Monaco from 14th to 17th October.

Traditionally associated with the Illustrated Sports Book Award, the Monegasque Olympic Committee award was presented to Mr Jacques-Henri Lartigue for his book "Chic, le sport!" which focuses on 5 themes related to "the emergence of sport as an individual practice and social reality".


WADA World Conference from 12th to 15th November in Johannesburg


Johannesburg played host to the 4th World Anti-Doping Conference from 12th to 15th November.

The Monegasque Olympic Committee was represented by Doctor Jack Michel and Mr Arnaud Hamon (Head of Legislative Affairs within the Office of Legal Affairs).

The meeting defined the World Code 2015, enabling the World Anti-Doping Agency to continue its anti-doping policy in sport, by tightening up sanctions, with the aim of giving WADA additional means to combat this scourge. On this occasion Sir Craig Reedie was elected President of the World Anti-Doping Agency.


No Finish Line from 16th to 24th November in Monaco


From 16th to 24th November, 24 athletes (representing various generations of Olympians) bearing the MOC colours took part in the 14th edition of the No Finish Line.

Ultimately they covered 360 laps (475.20 km in all) in an excellent show of solidarity, re-establishing ties of friendship between peers.


General Assembly of the Games of the Small States of Europe - Rome 22nd November


The General Assembly of the Games of the Small States of Europe was held, in parallel with the General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees, in Rome on 22nd November

The agenda included the representatives of the 9 countries adopting the amendments proposed to the articles of association and the election of the new Icelandic president.


42nd EOC General Assembly, 22nd and 23rd November in Rome, Italy


The 42nd European Olympic Committees’ elective General Assembly took place on 22nd and 23rd November.

The results of the Association's last four years of activity were presented before the 400 participants began to discuss pending issues, including sports events in preparation.

The EOC executive committee was re-elected for 4 years. (see PowerPoint).

The 3rd Piotr Nurowski Award for the best young European athlete was presented to the Lithuanian swimmer Ruta Meilutyte.

The European Olympic Laurels were awarded to five directors whose activity during their careers with their Olympic Committee and their country was particularly noteworthy.

The brand new European Games in Bakou (2015) were presented.

To conclude this Assembly the participants were received by His Holiness Pope Francis in a private audience at the Vatican. The Pope encouraged the directors of the Olympic family to promote, at all levels, the human and religious values that form the pillars of a society founded on justice and solidarity. He stressed the role of education, a common vector between the Church and sport, to educate athletes on the values of righteousness, moral strength and a great sense of responsibility.


Award ceremony 18th December


In the beautiful setting of the Fairmont Hotel the Monegasque Olympic Committee presented diplomas to various athletes and officials at its award ceremony in December.

In the presence of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince, this was a memorable and enjoyable moment for all the athletes and officials who have taken part in various sports events (No Finish Line, London Olympic Games, "Mersin 2013" Mediterranean Games, "Brasov" Youth Olympic Winter Festival and the IOC "Art and Sport" Trophy).


Athletic Scholarships


Finally, we will finish with the athletic scholarships awarded by His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince to:

Brice ETES (Athletics) - Mathias RAYMOND and Quentin ANTOGNELLI (Rowing) – Victor LANGELLOTTI and Nicolas d’ANGELO (Cycling) - Aurore MARSAN, Mona FERRY, Flavia SILLARI, Diane ORTOLANI and Wenceslas THOMEL (Riding) – Ilona CHIABAUT, Lola COTTON, Eva ARNULF, Kévin CROVETTO and Dylan SOSSO (Gymnastics) – Cédric BESSI and Yann SICCARDI (Judo) – Louis LAMBERTI (Swimming) – Alexandra COLETTI, Arnaud ALESSANDRIA, Olivier JENOT (Skiing) –Anouk DORIA and Killian PLATTO (Taekwondo) - Lucas CATARINA (Tennis).

2nd May 2014




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