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The University Games - Zagreb

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In 1987, athletes from the Principality competed in different international sporting events.



From 5th until 19th July, Zagreb hosted the World University Games which were organised under the auspices of the World University Sports Federation (IUSF), with the support of the I.O.C.For the first time in their history, these “student Olympiads” which had been taking place regularly since 1953 under the name of Universiades, had an exceptional number of participants for the fourteenth edition of the modern version. Some seven thousand athletes, representing a hundred and twenty eight countries, responded to the Croatian invitation.Amongst them were the fencer, Olivier Martini and the tennis player, Albert Viviani who valiantly defended the Principality's colours.



The Monegasque delegation with representatives from Mongolia.
(from left to right) Patrick Laberche, O. Martini, A. Viviani, le Dr Louis Orecchia, Robert Prat.



partenaires olympiques


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