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The M.O.C. from 1997 to 2008 - 2005-2007

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On 12th July 2005, the Principality lived a historical day, the accession to the throne of H.S.H. Prince Albert II.



In 2006, the Monegasque Olympic Committee’s activities were marked mainly by the participation of a delegation to the 20th Winter Olympic Games in Turin.These Games gave the M.O.C. the opportunity to create a “House of Monaco” in Pragelato, the cross-country skiing venue.Various members of the I.O.C. and key figures from the sport movement were able to meet Monegasque sports leaders.


On 29th July, an ECO Extraordinary General Assembly was held in Rome to elect a new president following the resignation of MrMario Pescante.Mr Patrick Hickey was elected unanimously, Mr Raffaele Pagnozzi being nominated Secretary General and Mr Mario Pescante, EOC Honorary President.


On 24th October, new agreements for high-level athletes were signed which enabled Monegasque athletes to train with a view to preparing for the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 and the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver 2010. That year three new athletes benefitted from this Agreement:Alexandra Coletti (skiing), Romain Marchessou (weight lifting) and Jérémy Bottin (bobsleigh) whilst Fabienne Pasetti (Air rifle shooting), Charles Oula (bobsleigh) and Patrice Servelle (bobsleigh) had their agreements renewed.



H.E. Mr Jean-Paul Proust (centre) Minister of State of the Principality of Monaco, with personalities and high-level athletes after signing the


From 9th to 12th November, the Executive Committee of the World Olympians Association (WOA) met in Monaco.From 8th to 9th December, the 35th European Olympic Committees’ General Assembly took place in Brussels.During the meeting, Mr Kikis Lazarides, President of the Cypriot National Olympic Committee was elected Treasurer.


Within the framework of the preparations for the Games of the Small States of Europe, various meetings were held in Monaco:preparing the Technical Commission’s meeting, updating the articles of association and regulations of the GSSE amended during the Extraordinary General Assembly in Dublin in December 2005, getting acquainted with the technical file, visiting the various venues used for the event, visiting the ship ”MSC Melody”, presentation by Cyprus of the next edition in 2009.


2007 : for the Monegasque Olympic Committee, created in 1907, this was a "historical" year - its centenary! It would be intensely involved in the activities of this special year with the high point between the 4th and 9th June with the hosting of the XII Games of the Small States of Europe, once again entrusted to the Principality of Monaco in recognition of its experience, its ability to guarantee the success of a major international event as well as its unequalled hospitality facilities.


The XII Games of the Small States of Europe


The latter were appreciated as such by the eight delegations as soon as they arrived, who were all to be accommodated aboard a superb cruise liner chartered exclusively for the event and which, in addition to the prestige and originality, enabled the implementation of Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s directives to cut greenhouse gas emissions, thus making the games an "eco-efficient" event.


As a preview to the 12th Games of the Small States of Europe, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco invited all the heads of State and governments present, faced with the challenge of environmental protection, to meet together to mark the solidarity and determination of the (in the absence of Malta) seven States represented.To mark their commitment to such a cause, a joint declaration was adopted, aimed at :


  1. recognising the great potential of sport as a vehicle for values contributing towards the implementation of true ethics for sustainable development ;
  2. recognising the need for sports in harmony with the environment ;
  3. organising eco-friendly Games of the Small States of Europe, in particular “carbon neutral”, with the view to reducing as much as possible their environmental impact.The organising country would undertake to offset greenhouse gas emission and any other negative impact connected with the Games and their preparation, by introducing initiatives that it considers most appropriate for the protection of the environment ;
  4. developing, on a more general level, environmental awareness in their respective countries based on a spirit of solidarity and resulting in more eco-friendly behaviour.


(from left to right in the first row):H.E. MrAlessandro Manvini (Captain-Regent of San Marino), H.R.H. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, H.E.MrOlafur Ragnar Grimsson (President of Iceland), H.E. Mr Alessandro Rossi (Captain-Regent of San Marino),


(in the 2ndrow) H.E. MrKornelius Korneliu (Ambassador of Cyprus in Vienna), Albert Pintat (Head of government of the Principality of Andorra), Klaus Tschütscher (Vice-head of government of the Principality of Liechtenstein).


In addition, the ministers of sport from the eight countries concerned regularly met up to discuss the latest developments on anti-doping measures considered "a priority both for ethical reasons and for public health" (Paul Masseron, Monaco’s Government Counsellor for the Interior), on legislative developments in this respect and exemptions that may be applied for therapeutic reasons.Ninety tests would be randomly carried out during the Games.



From left to right:Liney Halldorsttir (Secretary of State Youth and Sport, Isl), Gudmundur Arnason (Secretary of State, Isl), Victor Filloy (And), Louis Galea (Minister of Sports, Mlt), Dr. Jacques Pruvost (Mon), Rosa Bastida (Minister of Education, Youth and Sport, And), Dr .Jack Michel (Mon), Paul Masseron (Minister of Sport, Mon), Katrin Gunnarsdottir (Minister of Sport, Isl), Anik Sax (Minister of Sport, Lux), Andreoli Paride (Minister of Sport, SM), Johan Pingitzer (Minister of Sport, Lie), Sylvie Bertrand (Mon), Alessandra Renzi (SM).



To find out all you need to know about the XII Games of the Small States of



From 6th to 13th August a seminar was held for the Heads of Mission for the Beijing Olympic Games.This was an opportunity for the Secretary General and the Head of Mission, Ms Sylvie Bertrand, to meet the representatives of the Organising Committee and to collect together additional information concerning the delegation’s participation in China.


On 19th September, H.E. the Minister of State, in the presence of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, entertained the Monegasque Delegation for the 12th Games of the Small States of Europe Monaco 2007 in the Government Building during a convivial reception which was greatly appreciated by both leaders and athletes alike.


At the General Assembly on 8th October 2007, H.S.H. Prince Albert II recalled the memory of Messrs Robert Projetti and Denis Ravera “whose deaths caused us intense emotion and deep sorrow”before the M.O.C. members.


H.S.H. Prince Albert II paid tribute to the actions that both men undertook within the Monegasque Olympic Committee:


  • Mr Robert Projetti, Secretary General of the Prince’s Cabinet and Secretary General of the Monegasque Gymnastics Federation since it was first established in 1999, accompanied H.S.H. the Hereditary Prince Albert at his taking of oath in Lausanne when he joined the I.O.C. en 1986, was entrusted with examining all dossiers relating to sport and Olympism.In this capacity, he attended many I.O.C. sessions.
  • Mr Denis Ravera, who held positions of high responsibility within the public services, had been the Secretary General - Treasurer of the Monegasque Swimming Federation since 1976.He represented the Principality at various international assemblies: European Olympic Committees and World Olympic Committees. He made it possible for Boules Sports to develop both in Monaco and internationally by joining the World Boules Sports Confederation in 1991 of which he would later become the Secretary General.Denis Ravera also accompanied many delegations from Monaco to Winter and Summer Olympic Games as well as the Mediterranean Games and the Games of the Small States of Europe.



M.O.C. General Assembly 2007



From 15th to 18th October the 18th Sportel event took place during which the Prix du Livre Sportif Illustré (Illustrated Sports Book Award) traditionally takes place.The tenth edition featured some extremely interesting books.The final selection included :


  • for the International Olympic Committee award:“Les Déesses du Sport” – by Alain Billouin, Henri Charpentier and Serge Laget – de la Martinière publications
  • for the French National Olympic and Sports Committee award “Les Plus Grands Duels du Sport” various authors – Tana publications,
  • for the Monegasque Olympic Committee award “Les Trésors Officiels:Le Tour de France” by Serge Laget and Luke Edwardes-Evans – Gründ publications.


On 27th October, the Annual General Meeting of the International Mediterranean Games Committee in Pescara amended the IMGC articles of association, including the admission of female representatives within the Executive Committee and the introduction of IMGC rules of procedure. It also voted for the town of Volos in Greece for the 2013 edition and last but not least admitted the Montenegro NOC. As the organisational work for the Games did not appear to have advanced sufficiently, the IMGC ordered the Organising Committee in Pescara to take the necessary measures to improve the situation. The next meeting will be held there on 21st and 22nd June.


On 10th November, the Games of the Small States of Europe’s Technical Commission held a meeting once again in Monaco.This resulted in an update to the articles of association and the technical regulations of the Game. A presentation of the 13th edition of the Games, which is to take place in Cyprus in 2009, was also given.


The Monegasque Olympic Committee also took part in the 3rd World Conference on Doping in Sport, which was held in Madrid from 15th to 17th November.The first day was focused on showcasing action implemented by the World Anti-Doping Agency in various areas, such as education, research, the accreditation of laboratories… The second day was devoted to revising the World Anti-Doping Code, the new version of which will come into force on 1st January 2009. Following the working sessions, the “Madrid Declaration” was adopted.Last but not least, the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Executive Committee elected its new President.Mr John Fahey has now taken over from Mr Dick Pound.


During the 36th European Olympic Committee’s General Assembly, which was held in Valencia from 30th November to 1st December, a PowerPoint presentation was made giving an overview of the 12th Games of the Small States of Europe Monaco 2007. The Monegasque Olympic Committee was congratulated by the Assembly for the high quality of its organisation.


During the meeting, various information was gathered, including on the future Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010 and London 2012, as well as the European Youth Olympic Festivals in 2009, in Slask Beskidy (Poland) in the winter and in Tampere (Finland) in the summer.


Istanbul was chosen as the venue to host the 2008 General Assembly.


Sports grants were presented to the following athletes by H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince :


  • Sébastien Gattuso:Athletics
  • Mathias Raymond:Rowing
  • Sophie Giordano:Equestrian sports
  • Maud Raimbert:Equestrian sports
  • Wescelas Thomel:Equestrian sports
  • Kevin Crovetto:Gymnastics
  • Romain Marchessou:Weightlifting
  • Yann Siccardi:Judo
  • Cédric Bessi: Judo
  • Alexandra Coletti:Skiing
  • Olivier Jenot: Skiing
  • Antoine de Massy:Tennis
  • Fabienne Pasetti:Shooting
  • Anouk Doria: Taekwondo



partenaires olympiques


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