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The M.O.C. from 1997 to 2008 - 2002-2005

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On 8th February 2002, the XIX Winter Olympic Games in which 5 Monegasque athletes were to take part opened in Salt Lake City.


Following the events that severely shook the world of cycling in the summer of 1998, the I.O.C. decided to implement fierce anti-doping measures.Consequently, in 1999 the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was set up in


Based in Montreal (Canada) since 2002, WADA organised a conference in Copenhagen from 3rd to 4th March 2003 bringing together representatives from various governments, the Council of Europe, international sports federations, the I.O.C. and National Olympic Committees, including that of the Principality of Monaco in the person of :

  • H.S.H. the Hereditary Prince Albert,
  • Mr Philippe Deslandes, Government Counsellor for the Interior,
  • Ms Yvette Lambin-Berti, Secretary General of the M.O.C.,
  • Dr Jack Michel, Head of the Monaco Medico-Sports Centre,
  • Ms Sylvie Bertrand, Head of the Division in charge of Sports at the D.E.N.J.S.


To support action undertaken by WADA, an international anti-doping “code” would be adopted in a “declaration" known as the “Copenhagen Declaration” which would be signed by the Principality of Monaco alongside the 190 other nations from every continent.Various legislative texts and measures were implemented in Monaco, including among others :


  • the establishment of a Monegasque Anti-doping Committee,
  • the accreditation and training of doctors and the organisation of controls,
  • the definition of prohibited substances and those permitted for therapeutic purposes.


Two Commissions were set up:

  • One under the aegis of the M.O.C.:the Athletes’ Commission.Only athletes never having been sanctioned for doping and having taken part in no more than three Olympiads in a row since their last selection can belong to this commission.Among the 14 athletes concerned, David Tomatis and Pascal Camia were elected on 8th May to sit on the M.O.C. and represent them ;
  • The other within the M.O.C. itself. : The Medical Commission.It would be made up of Dr Jack Michel (liaison doctor with the I.O.C.) and Dr Philippe Pasquier (President of the Monte Carlo Ski Club).


In autumn 2003, the International Committee of Mediterranean Games (I.C.M.G.) met in Almeria, Spain for its annual General Meeting, in which H.S.H. the Hereditary Prince Albert, Ms Yvette Lambin-Berti and Mr Denis Ravera took part. During the meeting, the elections took place of Mr Amar Addadi (Algeria) for the office of President (to replace Mr Claude Collard, the founder of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) (resigning) and Messrs Henri Serandour (President of the CNOSF) and Togay Bayati (President of the International Sports Press Association) as members of the Executive Committee.


During 2004, international attention was focused on the Balkan Peninsula on several occasions.


From 24th to 26th February, the 14th Assembly of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) was held in the Greek capital.Many important issues were discussed including action to be implemented to combat doping in sport on a global scale.


On the following 30th March, H.S.H. the Hereditary Prince Albert took part in the 6th Olympic torch relay day.Leaving the Temple of Aphaea on the island of Aegina in the Saronic Gulf, 20 kilometres to the south east of Piraeus, the first relay brought the torch to the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.It remained there until 3rd June, when 11 relay runners carried it across the 5 continents (for the 1st time in Africa and Latin America) in celebration of the universal nature of Olympism, to reach its final destination in Athens, the venue for the next Summer Olympic Games.


In 2005, a delegation in mourning following the death of H.S.H. Prince Rainier III took part firstly in the XI Games of the Small States of Europe in Andorra from 30th May to 4th June, and secondly in the XV Mediterranean Games in Almeria from 20th June to 3rd July.


Two European Youth Olympic Festivals (EYOF) were held, the 7th in Monthey in the Valais in Switzerland from 22nd to 29th January, and the 8th in Lignano in Italy from 3rd to 8th July.




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