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  • International Meetings  

In addition to these sports events, the Monegasque Olympic Committee attended several international meetings, including:

  • From 26th to 28th March: the 3rd “Open Days” event in Tokyo in preparation for the Summer Olympics 2020. The visit provided the opportunity to have a look at all the sites and to meet those heading the Organising Committee.
  • From 23rd to 26th April: the Chefs de Mission Seminar for the “Buenos Aires 2018” Summer Youth Olympic Games. NOCs were given a presentation of the operations and services to be implemented during the Games. The delegates also had an opportunity to visit the various sites.
  • 11th and 12th May: the 39th European Olympic Committees’ Seminar in Belgrade, Serbia, with the active involvement of the International Olympic Committee, brought together delegates from the 50 NOCs in Europe.

During interactive workshops hosted by the IOC and EOCs on specific themes, the participants were offered the opportunity to share their experiences. Several updates concerning preparations for upcoming Olympic events were discussed.

The EOC Secretary General presented a detailed report on the Association’s activities and the efforts made in terms of marketing and communication to increase awareness of the European Olympics.

  • 25th and 26th May: the Technical Commission meeting and the General Assembly of the Games of the Small States of Europe took place in Budva, Montenegro.

The meeting provided the opportunity to present the next Games of the Small States of Europe in Montenegro in 2019.

An initial version of the Sports Technical Manual was given to participants and proposed amendments to the technical regulations were made.

  • 9th to 13th July: the Chefs de Mission Seminar for the 2nd “Minsk 2019” European Games enabled NOCs to see the services set up for the Games as well as the various sites.
  • 4th and 5th October: a large gathering for the 1st edition of the “Olympism in Action” Forum dealing with key issues such as education, the importance of youth, corruption in sport and good institutional governance.

A presentation of the “Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration” was also given.

Created in conjunction with over 4,000 athletes from 185 countries, this document covers issues of key importance for athletes, such as doping prevention, integrity, the importance of clean sport, post sport reconversion, communication, governance and combating discrimination.

  • 9th and 10th November: the 47th European Olympic Committees General Assembly was held in Marbella, where the President of the IOC, Thomas Bach, during his opening address defended the European sports model based on Olympic values, solidarity and integrity, which have gradually been undermined by the creation of professional sports leagues in various Olympic sports.
  • 13th to 15th November on the occasion of the Seminar of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games in Lisbon.

An overview of the Tarragona Games was given and thought given in regard to certain reforms for the event as well as the Mediterranean Beach Games.   

The discussions with the 25 National Olympic member Committees of the ICMG resulted in developments to the way this major sports event is organised.

  • 28th November to 1st December: the General Assembly of the National Olympic Committees in Tokyo was marked by the withdrawal of the President-in-Office Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah in favour of Dr Robin Mitchell, a member of the ANOC Executive Bureau and President of the Oceania NOCs Association, who will serve as interim President.

The President of the ANOC Athletes’ Commission, Barbara Kendall, presented the IOC’s “Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration” adopted unanimously by the Assembly members.

Finally, in accordance with the decision adopted at the ANOC GA 2017 creating an Ethics Committee within the Organisation, the representatives elected the 7 members of which it is composed.

By taking part in these various trips, the representatives of the Monegasque Olympic Committee are able to stay abreast of international current events.  On this occasion, the Governing Board of the Monegasque Olympic Committee would like to express its thanks to:

  • Mrs Fabienne Pasetti and Messrs Jean-Pierre Schoebel, Stephan Maggi, Stephane Mannino, Mathias Raymond and Damien Desprat for their involvement at these meetings and events. 
  • 58th Session of the International Olympic Academy 

From 16th to 30th June 2018, again in an international context, an athlete from the Monegasque Athletics Federation (Gregory Giuffra) took part in the 58th Session of the International Olympic Academy which is traditionally held in Olympia.

  • Meeting at the Ecole des Révoires 

As part of the “International Day of Sport for Development and Peace”, a morning of discussions between CM2 pupils and Olympians Rudy Rinaldi and Olivier Jenot was held on Friday 6th April, following their participation in the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang 2018. 

H.E. Mrs Lambin-Berti also attended, accompanied by two Summer Olympians: Damien Desprat and Mathias Raymond. During this unique moment of sharing, a report on the Monegasque adventure in South Korea was screened followed by a question and answer session between children and Olympians.

This event concluded a series of teachings on Olympic values during which the children prepared drawings to encourage and support the Monegasque athletes as they competed in South Korea. The drawings were presented to the parties concerned at a delegation dinner in the presence of H.S.H. Prince Albert II during his visit to PyeongChang.

  • Sportel 

A little later, during the 29th edition of Sportel, the Monegasque Olympic Committee Award, traditionally associated with the Illustrated Sports Book Award was presented to the collective effort entitled “100 Marins” published by “Paulsen Editions”.

  • No Finish Line 

Last but not least, as is now customary, the Monegasque Olympic Committee was keen to take part in the 19th edition of the “No Finish Line” with a team of 36 runners, composed of Olympians and Committee staff members. Together they covered 1062 kms.

  • Athletic Scholarships

We will finish with the athletic scholarships awarded by His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince to:

  • Charlotte Afriat (Athletics)                               
  • Quentin Antognelli (Rowing)
  • Hugo Micallef (Boxing)
  • Victor Langellotti (Cycling)                                   
  • Mona Ferry, Diane Ortolani, Dietlinde Thomel and Wenceslas Thomel (Equitation)
  • Maxime Prat and Solal Roussel (Fencing)
  • Sara Descent and Kevin Crovetto (Gymnastics)                                   
  • Cedric Bessi, Marvin Gadeau, Nicolas Grinda and Yann Siccardi (Judo),                                   
  • Theo Chiabaut, Ethan Faloppa, Emilien Puyo and Claudia Verdino (Swimming)                                   
  • Alexandra Coletti (Skiing)
  • Lucas Catarina (Tennis)                       
  • Xiaoxin Yang (Table Tennis)
  • Lisa Caussin-Battaglia, Alexander Ehlen and Jeremy Moutout (Sailing).




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