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Sydney Olympics




Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, hosted the XXVII Summer Olympic Games from 15th September to 1st October 2000. The Games, bringing together 10 651 athletes representing 199 nations, were considered “the largest in history”.





13.300 relay runners (including H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Albert) travelled a distance of 27 000 kilometres across Greece, Oceania and Australia to bring the Olympic Flame to the Telstra Stadium. As a symbol of the reconciliation desired between the Aborigines and the descendants of European migrants, the Olympic Flame was lit by the athlete Cathy Freeman.


Presentation of the Monegasque delegation to the press : 

1st row – (from left to right) : S. Bertrand (head of mission), G. Bertrand (President of the Monegasque Judo Federation), F. Pasetti, H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Albert, Th. Vatrican, Ms Yvette Lambin-Berti, S. Faure, M. Pietri (judo trainer), J. Bernasconi (President of the Monegasque Taekwondo Federation); 


2nd row – J.L. Guédé (physio.) J.L. Lecharpentier (swimming coach), H. Bilon (shooting trainer), S. Maggi (journalist), D. Dupont (guest at the International Youth Camp), D. Ravera (official), F. Battistel (guest at the International Youth Camp).


4 Monegasque athletes took part in these Games:


The Monegasque delegation behind their standard bearer, Thierry Vatrican


  • Taekwondo (for the first time in the Olympic programme) : Olivier Bernasconi, in the under 68 kg category, lost in the 2ndround,
  • Judo: Thierry Vatrican, in the under 81 kg category, was beaten in the 1st round by the European title holder and future bronze medallist,
  • Swimming: Sylvain Faure, second in his series in the 100m breast stroke, broke his own record finishing 51st out of 58 competitors,
  • Shooting: Fabienne Pasetti ranked 41st out of 49 in the women’s 10m air rifle event.

Focused on environmental protection, these Games remain “a triumph for solidarity and peace”, as declared by H.E. Samaranch, after applauding South Korea and the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (North) as they entered the stadium.



Atlanta Olympics




From 19th July to 4th August 1996, Atlanta, the American capital of Georgia hosted the XXVI Summer Olympic Games. 10 318 athletes representing 197 nations took part in these Games. The official opening was proclaimed by the President of the United States, Bill Clinton, prior to the boxer Mohammed lighting up the giant cauldron.



Presentation of the Monegasque delegation to the press on 2nd July 1996:



Pictured with H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Albert (from left to right)J.L. Lecharpentier (swimming coach), M. Pietri (judo coach), F. Pasetti, Th. Vatrican, Ch. Verdino, Ms Yvette Lambin, J.L. Guédé (physiotherapist.), C. Zabaldano and David Tomatis (head of mission).





At the opening ceremony, the M.O.C. nominated Thierry Vatrican as the standard bearer  




Three Monegasque athletes represented the Principality of Monaco at these Games :

  • Shooting: Fabienne Pasetti, who finished 39th out of 49 competitors in the women's 10m air rifle event,


F.Pasetti at the Wolf Creek shooting complex

  •  Judo: Thierry Vatrican, judoka kazakh winner of his first round contest (under 78 kg category), was eliminated by the Brazilian
  • Swimming: Christophe Verdino ranked 36th out of 45 in the 100m men’s breaststroke, then 28th out of 36 in the 200m.




Barcelona Olympics




On 25th July 1992, King Carlos 1st of Spain declared the opening of the XXV Olympic Games in the Montjuic Stadium before 9 356 athletes accompanied by their leaders from 170 nations.



After the formal raising of the colours, to the sound of the Olympic anthem, the archer Antonio Rebollo (ESP) prepares to light the cauldron with the Olympic flame. After a 70 metre flight, the flame reaches the giant cauldron which immediately sets ablaze.



The Principality of Monaco is represented by Mr Henry Rey, Ms Yvette Lambin, Dr Louis Orecchia, Christian Zabaldano (head of mission), Christophe Verdino and Fabienne Pasetti (athletes).




The Monegasque athletes that took part in the shooting and swimming events  :

  • Air rifle (10m): Fabienne Pasetti, trained by Gilbert Treille,
  • Swimming: Christophe Verdini, trained by J.L. Charpentier, matched his best performance in the 100m breast stroke and beat his best time in the 200m breast stroke and 200m medley.




Seoul Olympics




On 17th September 1988, Seoul, the capital of Korea, hosted the XXIV Olympic Games. 8 391 athletes representing 159 countries took part in the Games. Among all these athletes, 9 were to defend the colours of the Principality.






The Monegasque delegation enters the Olympic Stadium (from right to left) :

  • Armand Forcherio: Head of mission,
  • Gérard Battaglia: President of the Monegasque Sailing Federation,
  • Dr Louis Orecchia: Head of delegation,
  • Yves Fissore: President of the Shooting Federation,
  • The team : F. Pasetti, E. Bessi, Ph. Battaglia, D. Gamerdinger, G. Pagès, O. Martini, G. Cresto, G. Bessi, R. Prat.

The Monegasque athletes were to compete in the following events :

  • Air rifle:Fabienne Pasetti (1st Monegasque woman to take part in the Olympics), 43rd out of 45 competitors,
  • Archery: Gilles Cresto, 65th out of 84 archers,
  • Fencing: Olivier Martini, 35th out of 40,
  • Athletics: Gilbert Bessi, 80th out of 100 participants in the 100 m flat,
  • Individual cycling on road: Stéphane Operto, 106th out of 133 after a 200 km race,
  • Judo: Gilles Pagès, (in the under 60 kg) and Eric Bessi (under 86 kg)
  • Sailing: Philippe Battaglia (Finn) and Didier Gamerdinger (Board), took part in the Pusan regatta. With wind forces of 5 and 7 and 2 metre high waves, the Monegasque representatives managed to beat three yachting competitors and thirteen windsurfers.






Monaco's sailing team on parade.



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