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Berlin Olympics






In the summer of 1936, from 1st to 16th August, Berlin held the eleventh major event for the best athletes in the world. Approximately four thousand athletes took part representing forty-nine nations.





But in Germany, the Nazi regime was at its peak. The Olympic Games gave them the opportunity to make propaganda about National Socialism. Although the Olympic charter was respected, the competitions were often surrounded by excessive pomp that the six representatives of the Principality witnessed while competing in the shooting events : 

Roger Abel, Pierre Marsan and Michel Ravarino, in the 50 metre rifle event, Louis Briano, Victor Bonafède and Herman Schultz, in the 50 metre pistol event.


Monegasque Delegation




Amsterdam Olympics




The IX Summer Olympics took place in Amsterdam from 28th July to 12th August. The Olympic flame was lit for the first time there, after being brought on a torch from Olympia by relay runners.

In the centre of the photo, in white trousers and pullover, the standard bearer for the Principality of Monaco.


The Principality entered seven athletes that year: Charles and Emile Gardetto, Louis Giobergia, Pierre Levesy and Alexandre Devissi, in rowing; Emile Barral in sailing; Gaston Médecin in the decathlon. In addition three Monegasque artists presented their works for the Olympic art competition: the painter A.P. Marocco (member of the M.O.C.), the architect M. Ravarino (with a project for a stadium) and the musician M.C. Scotto (with a composition for orchestra entitled “La course des torches”).



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Amsterdam 1928

Three years later, the United States organised the Olympic Games which took place at Lake Placid in the winter and in Los Angeles in the summer. No Monegasque athlete was able to take part. Only Count Gautier Vignal was present to take part in the meetings held by the International Committee which decided to restrict the representation of a country to three competitors per event.




Paris Olympics



In 1924, Paris was once again chosen to host the VIII Summer Olympic Games. At the opening ceremony, over three thousand athletes representing forty-four countries gathered together with Gaston Doumergue, President of the French Republic, looking on.




Paris Olympic Games, 1924. Opening Ceremony


Seven Monegasque athletes took part in these Games. Gaston Médecin, in athletics (1st in the 100m and 400m during the selection; he finished among the 36 finalists), Emile Barral and Joseph Marquet, in the 1st series sailing and four rifle shooters, Victor Bonafède (31st out of 66), Herman Schultz (36th), Roger Abel (45th) and Joseph Chiaubaut (59th). 



(From left to right) Julien Médecin, Joseph Marquet, Emile Barral, Henri Médecin, Gaston Médecin and Paul Zwerner


The 1924 Games resulted in the Principality of Monaco winning its first and only medal ever to date! It was awarded to Julien Médecin for his project for a stadium in Fontvieille. He came second out of twenty-one contestants representing seven nations and was awarded the bronze medal.

This event was created for the Stockholm Olympics in 1912 and started up again in Anvers in 1920.

At the end of the 1924 Games, the Baron of Courbetin (61) withdrew as President of the I.O.C. Count Henry de Baillet-Latour was to organise the 26th session, which thanks to the unflagging zeal of Count Gautier-Vignal opened up to Monaco on 22nd April 1927. This was the first time that the International Olympic Committee was officially welcomed to the Principality.





Anvers Olympics




The Anvers Olympic Games in 1920 gathered together two thousand and six athletes from twenty-nine countries. Four Monegasque athletes from a selected six took part in the event.



  La première équipe olympique monégasque en tenue de sport


In athletics, Emile Barral and Edmond Médecin (who came 25th out of 33 competitors in the long jump event); in gymnastics, Joseph Crovetto (22nd out of 25 competitors) and Michel Porasso who finished in 12th place. 


Emile Barral’s participant badge.


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