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GSSE Luxembourg 2013

The 15th Games of the Small States of Europe from 27th May to 1st June



The Opening Ceremony procession was headed by the flag-bearer François Xavier Paquot (swimming).

For these Games, the Monegasque delegation consisted of 90 athletes representing 10 disciplines.

On the evening of Friday 31st, the day before the curtain would lower on the Games, all the members of the delegation met for one last enjoyable moment together at a cocktail party organised by H.E.  Mrs Yvette Lambin Berti.

The Principality won 28 medals:

7 gold (4 for gymnastics, 2 for tennis and 1 for athletics)

7 silver (2 for table tennis, 2 for gymnastics,  2 for athletics and 1 for shooting) 

14 bronze (1 for tennis, 3 for table tennis, 1 for volley ball, 3 for judo, 4 for athletics, 1 for gymnastics and 1 for swimming). The judoka Guillaume Ereseo won the Fair Play Award.

Monaco finished in 6th place after Luxembourg, Iceland, Cyprus, Liechtenstein and Montenegro. The 4th place since the creation of the Games has been maintained.

GSSE Liechtenstein 2011


logo liechstenstein


From 30th May to 4th June 2011, Liechtenstein hosted the 14th edition of the Games of the Small States of Europe.



Nine States took part in the event whose first edition was held in 1985: Andorra, Cyprus, Iceland, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, San Marino, Monaco and of course, Liechtenstein. The sports programme included nine disciplines, the minimum being eight: athletics, cycling, judo, swimming, squash, tennis, table tennis, shooting and volley ball.


les preuves


Results obtained by Monaco


Monaco finished with 29 medals:


- 6 gold medals

- ETES Brice – Athletics (800 m)

- BONNET Anne-Laure – Judo (- 63 kg)

- SICCARDI Yann – Judo (- 60 kg)

- SUAU Yoan – Judo (- 73 kg)

- AUBERT Michaël / PAQUOT François Xavier / BRILLOUET Sébastien / MOLINA Thomas – Swimming (Freestyle relay 4x100 m)

- COUILLARD Guillaume / OGER Thomas – Tennis (Doubles)


- 9 silver medals


- GLOWZAC Aurélie – Athletics (1500 m)

- ETES Brice – Athletics (400 m)

- MOSCHETTI Margot – Cycling (VTT)

- ALLAG Yamina-Sara – Judo (- 52 kg)

- ALLAG Sophia – Judo(- 57 kg)

- LAUDRIN François – Judo (+ 100 kg)

- ALLAG Yamina-Sara / BONNET Anne-Laure / FANCIULLI Mélanie – Judo (Team)

- BALLERET Benjamin – Tennis (Singles)

- LANZA Eric – Shooting (Rifle 50 m)

- 14 bronze medals

- BAAZIZ Jamal – Athletics (3000 m Steeple)

- ARNAUD Pierre-Marie / ANDRIEU Jules / Rémy CHARPENTIER / ETES Brice – Athletics (Relay 4 x 400 m)

- BESSI Cédric - Judo (- 66 kg)

- BERARDI David – Judo (- 90 kg)

- VATAN Franck – Judo (- 100 kg)

- ALOUACHE Habib / SUAU Yoann / PALAZZETTI Romain / BERARDI David / VATRICAN Thierry – Judo (Team)

- TRINQUIER Angelique / VASSE Johanna / TRINQUIER Amelie / LAPOINTE Lucie – Swimming (Freestyle relay 4 x 200 m)

- MOLINA Thomas / BRILLOUET Sebastien / PAQUOT François-Xavier / AUBERT Michaël – Swimming (Freestyle relay 4 x 200 m)

- AUBERT Michaël / PAQUOT François Xavier / BRILLOUET Sébastien / MOLINA Thomas – Swimming (Freestyle relay 4x100 m)

- QUIST Ulrika / RILEY Lauren – Table Tennis (Team)

- QUIST Ulrika / RILEY Lauren – Table Tennis (Doubles)

- COUILLARD Guillaume – Tennis (Singles)

- GAMBARINI Louise / BALLERET Benjamin – Tennis (Mixed)

- PIERRE ROBALDO Magalie – Shooting (Pistol 10 m)



All the Monegasque champions


Overall, Monaco finished in 6th place (out of 9). The organising country, Liechtenstein ranked 5th after mobilising all its troops and presenting a very strong delegation.



GSSE Cyprus 2009

 The 13th Games of the Small States of Europe took place in Cyprus from 1st to 6th June.


Ms Solange Ragazzoni-Conterno and Mr Raymond Gnutti, as usual, assumed their role of Chefs de Mission. The opening ceremony was held on Monday 1st June at 9 p.m.




The Monegasque delegation, preceded by their standard bearer, Mr Brice Etes (athletics), paraded past in red and white headed by the Chefs de Mission, followed by the athletes and officials. 




90 athletes took part in the events concerning 10 sports. Due to the fact that the events were taking place at two venues, those participating in athletics, cycling, judo, tennis, table tennis and shooting were provided accommodation at the Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia, whilst those competing in gymnastics, swimming, sailing and beach volleyball stayed at the Arsinoe Hotel in Limassol. 

Despite the distance, the delegation remained closely united, focused on the results achieved as each day went by.

  • Monaco won 42 medals:

- 8 gold (3 in judo, 2 in tennis – 2 in shooting and 1 in sailing)

- 17 silver (3 in athletics – 2 in gymnastics – 7 in judo – 1 in swimming – 1 in tennis and 3 in sailing)

- 17 bronze (3 in athletics – 4 in gymnastics – 1 in judo – 5 in swimming – 1 in tennis – 1 in shooting and 2 in sailing)


The medal winners 


The Principality of Monaco thus achieved 4th place in the final ranking following Cyprus, Iceland and Luxembourg.




GSSE Liechtenstein 1999



The Principality of Liechtenstein was the 8th and last nation having the honour, according to the rule of alternation, of organising the Games of the Small States of Europe.



The events took place in 4 venues: Vaduz, the capital for swimming, squash and tennis; Triesen for judo; Balzers for shooting and Schaan for athletics and volley ball. 

Led by Ms Yvette Lambin Berti and Mr Denis Ravera, the Monegasque team and its 60 or so members were welcomed to the stadium by T.S.H. Sovereign Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein and his sister, Princess Nora (Member of the I.O.C.), who were accompanied by H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Albert, H.R.H. Hereditary Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and H.E. Mr Samaranch.



The Monegasque delegation enter the stadium




25 members stepped onto the podium to receive :

  • 5 gold medals: 2 in athletics including


- 1 to Hafida Gadi for the 5 000m ;




- 1 in judo, 1 in swimming and 1 in tennis,

  • 9 silver medals: 3 in athletics, including 2 for Jean-Marc Léandro; 3 in judo; 2 for the swimmer Eric Rottinger; 1 in tennis,

  • 6 bronze medals: 3 in swimming; 1 in athletics, judo and for the squash team, who were taking part in the games for the first time.




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