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Lillehammer Olympics



In order to comply with the new Olympic Games calendar, modified by the International Olympic Committee in 1986, the XVII Olympic Winter Games were organised in Lillehammer in 1994. The summer and winter Games were no longer to be held in the same year.



After the opening speech in which President Samaranch urged the belligerent Yugoslavs to “stop the massacre”, His Majesty King Harald V of Norway announced the official opening of the Games. 1 737 athletes from 67 countries took part in 61 events from 12th to 27th February 1994. 



Prince Haakon lights the Olympic flame 







5 Monegasque athletes with officials, doctor, photographer, team leaders, trainers and coaches…. take part in the Games.




 H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Albert, the standard bearer, leads the Monegasque delegation.



  • In the 2-man bobsleigh event, with Hereditary Prince Albert as pilot, teaming up with Gilbert Bessi, the Principality's representatives ranked 31st out of 42.
  • In the 4-man bobsleigh event, with Hereditary Prince Albert as pilot, teaming up with Gilbert Bessi, Pascal Camia and David Tomatis, the Principality's representatives finished 26th out of 29.
  • In the Alpine skiing and the super G events, Julien Castellini was forced to withdraw due to a fall.


The Monegasque crew gets ready to launch itself on the Olympic track

For its fourth participation in the Winter Olympics, the Principality was proud of the results achieved in particularly difficult weather conditions.


Albertville Olympics


In February 1992, the Stadium in Albertville played host to over two thousand five hundred athletes. Bearing sixty-four banners, the delegations paraded before thirty-five thousand spectators and two billion TV viewers.


H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Albert appears brandishing the Monegasque flag followed by the other members of the delegation : Yvette Lambin (Vice President of the M.O.C.), Jean-Paul Samba (Head of mission), Michel Vatrican, Gilbert Bessi, Pascal Camia, David Tomatis (athletes) and Jean-Marc Giraldi (team leader).



8th February 1992: H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Albert followed by the Monegasque delegation.


5 athletes take part in the Games. Two 2-man bobsleigh crews are present. H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Albert teams up with Pascal Camia. They finish 43rd out of 45. The other crew, made up of Gilbert Bessi and Michel Vatrican rank 23rd out of 45.



At the start of the 4-man bobsleigh event (altitude 1 684m), the Monegasque crew, n° 17, launch themselves onto the 1 507 metres of the Olympic track in La Plagne


Driven by Prince Albert II (with Gilbert Bessi, David Tomatis and Michel Vatrican), the crew finishes 27th out of 29.







The 4-man bob arrives at the finish-line after a race lasting only one minute and a few tenths of a second..



Calgary Olympics



He is followed by Edmond Pizzi, head of delegation, Armand Forcherio, head of mission, Gilbert Bessi and David Tomatis, bobsleigh athletes, the skier, Fabrice Notari and his trainer, Daniel Sartore. 





Opening ceremony

In the 2-man bobsleigh event, H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Albert teams up with Gilbert Bessi (David Tomatis is the substitute). After the two heats, the Monaco crew ranks 25th out of 41.


From the hundred and twenty skiers competing on the impressive Nakiska slopes, the Monegasque, Fabrice Notari ranks 62nd out of 120 in the giant slalom and 64th out of 120 in the Super G.





Fabrice Notari wearing bib number 86 and his trainer, Daniel Sartore. 




These results reward the efforts made by the Monegasque Olympic Committee and sports federations to promote elite sport in the Principality. 



Turin Olympics




The XX Winter Olympics took place in Turin from 10th to 26th February 2006. 2 508 athletes representing 80 countries took part in the Games.





Opening Ceremony of the XX Winter Olympic Games Aerial view of the athletes in the Olympic Stadium






Since Sarajevo in 1984, the Principality has regularly taken part in the Olympic Winter Games, the 7th time running in Turin.Four athletes represented the Principality of Monaco. They were :

  • Alexandra Coletti, Alpine Skiing,
  • Patrice Servelle and Jérémy Bottin, Bobsleigh,
  • Olivier Jenot, Alpine Skiing.

This was the first time that a Monegasque woman athlete took part in the Winter Olympic Games.



The Monegasque delegation was placed under the authority of Mr Henry Rey, Vice President and Ms Yvette Lambin-Berti, Secretary General.

The Monegasque Olympic Committee appointed Jacques Pastor as Head of Mission. The delegation’s standard bearer at the Opening Ceremony was Patrice Servelle.







The Monegasque delegation during the opening ceremony









At the Alpine skiing events:

◊ After the disappointment of having failed in the Giant Slalom and the Combined, Alexandra Coletti gave a creditable performance in the three other events – the Women’s Downhill, the Super G and the Women’s Slalom :

- In the first event, she left from the top of Mount Fraiteve de San Sicario (2 538 m altitude) with bib number 35 and finished in 31st place (out of 45);
- Having passed the thirty-nine gates in the second event, after the two kilometre slope, she ranked 41st position (out of 56);
- Her perfect concentration in the third event enabled her to avoid the fifty-one gates on the Giovanni Agnelli slope in Sestriere, and to achieve the 33rd place beating 31 other competitors. 

Olivier Jenot, the youngest of all the athletes in competition, took part in three events : 

- Eliminated from the Giant Slalom, he ranked 48th out of 63 competitors in the Super G and 34th out of 90 in the Men's Slalom. 

2-man bobsleigh: 

- The pilot, Patrice Servelle, and his “pusher-brakeman”, Jérémy Bottin, launched themselves onto the icy track in Cesana Pariol for four heats in search of a feat. They found it after 1 435 metres and nineteen bends, ranking 12th out of the 29 crews. This was the best ranking Monaco had ever achieved at this level.



The Monegasque two-man bobsleigh team

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